Our CM is hard at work …

As I drove to work this morning and tried to park my car next to the garbage dump … as I always do everyday … I was pleasantly surprised to see it cleaned for the first time in 18 months. There was even a guy with a cell phone barking instructions “clean maadi” (not to mention his cap !!)

Our CM seems at work … and hopefully it is sustainable.

Actually, it’s about time for the lawless state of the city comes to an end. Roads melting with the first rains, trucks driving thru the city after designated hours, all ring roads / service lanes commandeered by trucks to be designated parking spots during their siesta, 700 trees (or more) cut in the name of road expansion … are all signs of no one being in charge.

I hope the majority Government ensures the return of some semblance of order in our “once beautiful” city.

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