Facebook Group or Page ?

Are you confused whether a group or a page is better for your Facebook viral marketing strategy?

We were too.

I think groups are suited for multi-way communication and get unwieldy beyond a certain size. Groups work better in the short term with smaller sets.

I think a page is better suited for a business for the long term … and something that Facebook will build more in the future for enabling marketing activities. I suspect they view groups as a more personal/community feature and not a marketing channel for businesses. A page can scale to MNs of members (remember Obama’s page in Facebook)

I found an excellent article on this topic that pretty much said everything there was to say. Click4Details

One Reply to “Facebook Group or Page ?”

  1. NYTimes has a nice article related this topic … of how Facebook is creating socially relevant actionable ads … One can envisage linking action items (like join the group, become a fan, download the badge, make a comment) etc. to the advertising making presence on Facebook aligned with the advertising on the network … rather than just display ads that take you some place else un-related to why you came there in the first place.

    Actually there is some thing worth thinking about for any online business only relying on AdWords type ads … can you build advertising on your site that leads to actions aligned with why the users are on your site rather than go out to some other site? This may be the way of a lot of internet advertising to come … call-2-action based rather than just click-to-link.

    The article writes …

    During a recent visit to Facebook’s Palo Alto headquarters, I discussed the company’s approach to advertising with two executives: Dan Rose, the company’s vice president of business development, and Tim Kendall, its director of monetization.

    They told me that Facebook is searching for forms of advertising that fit quietly into the fabric of its community, rather than trying to interrupt or distract users, as most ads do.

    “The classic interruptive model is a pretty uninspired way to really get to a consumer,” Mr. Kendall said. “If we build ad products that really take advantage of how users interact on Facebook with each other, it will be much more effective over time.”


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