Google Wave

A very fascinating presentation on re-imagining web communication … it’s a result of asking … what if we invented email today … what if we put email, chat, blog, twittering etc. all as one …

One Reply to “Google Wave”

  1. If you get thru the entire video or most parts of it … you are left wondering how intuitive and obvious it is if you think about it. Email, chat, SMS, tweets, blogs, wall posts, comments, sharing, collaboration etc. … are all ways of communication that just vary in terms of how synchronous they are and how easy it is collaborate across multiple people … Wave is like a unified communication model that allows you to set the level of access, pick a point between being online-to-offline …

    Simple but very powerful way of looking at it. It’s like you have seen the sun rise and set every day thinking Earth is center of the universe … and now u know Earth goes around the Sun … and that makes sense too !!

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