Yeddy nor Reddy

I am neither a Yeddy nor a Reddy. So have been pretty depressed at the political battle raging in Karnataka. Leaving my political preferences aside, the last 9 months (?) since Shri. Yeddyurappa became our CM has been very exciting in Bangalore.

Every part of the city is getting a face lift. Service lanes being fixed, fly overs at intersections, foot paths being re-laid that don’t crumble, Metro construction moving along and getting out of the way, drains being closed … all happening to make the infrastructure in Bangalore in line with the status of “IT Capital of India”. May be it will take years to become truly impressive … yet we’ll take what we have. Any one remember St. John’s road or Hosur Road till a year ago??

The prospect of all that coming to a grinding halt … or being on a back burner was very depressing. What ever the compromise formula or give-and-take that took place … the final out come that Shri. Yeddyurappa continues as our CM in one piece … to finish what he started … is great news.

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(Sridhar Turaga’s Blog: An Indian Entrepreneur)

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