Of Sea Anemones, dogs with dumbbells and crossing the A.I. chasm

Are your left brain dominant or right brain oriented? Are you analytical or creative? Are you logical or imaginative? Are women more right brained than left brained? Does your team have a good mix of left and right brained thinkers? While the asymmetry between the two sides of the brain is undeniable, scientists now believeContinue reading “Of Sea Anemones, dogs with dumbbells and crossing the A.I. chasm”

Different scales. Different forces

There is a very interesting discussion on Physics StackExchange on how long a straw can Superman suck from. After a lot of sophisticated calculus, the forum seems to conclude the answer is 15 m. This got me curious to ask a different question. If it is so hard to suck water to a greater heights,Continue reading “Different scales. Different forces”

Take your pick

Do a quick mental math using the table below in 90 secs. What’s your score? If you are score less than 7, you can be assured the poor quality of sleep is making you a candidate for most of the conditions/situations listed below. Take your pick … Alzheimer’s disease Obesity Cancer Diabetes Depression Anxiety CoronaryContinue reading “Take your pick”