Caught my ear – March 2021

Desire to avoid more screen time during Covid WFH has shifted most of my reading / learning to podcasts. These are a few conversations and podcasts that caught my ear in the last few months. Will simply list these and associated information I looked up – without my interpretation or meaning making. In July 2020Continue reading “Caught my ear – March 2021”

Books that changed me in 2019

2019 being a transition year for me is an understatement. The poem by Julia seems to convey how I felt most of the year. Fashioned for some encounter, Impelling but obscure; Apprenticed to the future, We wonder and endure. We suffer strange compulsion. Our talents many skilled, Would burn upon an alter; We have notContinue reading “Books that changed me in 2019”

Not a ex Mu Sigman, yet

As I am exiting from Mu Sigma formally by Dec end, many current and ‘ex Mu Sigmans‘ reached out to me. I got caring and loving pings from most. And a few pokes 🙂 ‘Welcome to the club‘ messages for the most part from ‘ex Mu Sigmans‘. The concept of ‘ex Mu Sigman‘ intrigues meContinue reading “Not a ex Mu Sigman, yet”