What if time is neither linear nor absolute?

This is not a quantum physics discussion. I neither understand quantum physics fully nor do I want to sound more deeper than I am by (mis)using esoteric concepts out of context. If you are interested in a beautiful discussion on physics and philosophy of time, I highly recommend you read this book called The orderContinue reading “What if time is neither linear nor absolute?”

Head winds / tail winds asymmetry

Do this exercise before you read rest of the post. Round 1: List in 3 minutes all the head winds and tail winds in ur life. Round 2: Them double the number of tail winds in 2 minutes. Round 3: Double them in 2 minutes more. Count the # of  head winds and tail windsContinue reading “Head winds / tail winds asymmetry”

Immortals of Meluha – A Review

I recently read “The Immortals of Meluha”. Kept me entertained adequately on a long road trip. It’s written by a 35 Yr old IIM-C MBA marketing executive from an MNC in the process of trying express his true passion. More than the book itself, that author’s scenario fascinated me – being one such 35 YrContinue reading “Immortals of Meluha – A Review”

Deny all and lie low

It was Yahoo, then facebook and now Google Buzz … every one wants to be twitter+facebook+mail+everything … they want to grab all our contacts and content … and force us to share with default settings, complex privacy controls, hard to follow “follows” etc. The way Google Buzz automatically added friends and enabled public access toContinue reading “Deny all and lie low”