Chitto Jetha Bhayshunyo … Really??

চিত্ত যেথা ভয়শূন্য, উচ্চ যেথা শির, জ্ঞান যেথা মুক্ত, যেথা গৃহের প্রাচীর আপন প্রাঙ্গণতলে দিবসশর্বরী বসুধারে রাখে নাই খণ্ড ক্ষুদ্র করি, যেথা বাক্য হৃদয়ের উৎসমুখ হতে উচ্ছ্বসিয়া উঠে, যেথা নির্বারিত স্রোতে দেশে দেশে দিশে দিশে কর্মধারা ধায় অজস্র সহস্রবিধ চরিতার্থতায়, যেথা তুচ্ছ আচারের মরুবালুরাশি বিচারের স্রোতঃপথ ফেলে নাই গ্রাসি, পৌরুষেরে করে নি শতধা, নিত্য যেথাContinue reading “Chitto Jetha Bhayshunyo … Really??”

5 good reasons why CWG were messed up intentionally

May be Mr.  Suresh Kalmadi and his team are smarter than they look. Remember Pointy Haired Boss and Evil Dogbert? Here may be 5 good reasons why they intentionally messed up CWG preparations. #5. To embarrass the Queen and the British … To tell them that even this last colonial relic of the British empireContinue reading “5 good reasons why CWG were messed up intentionally”

Immortals of Meluha – A Review

I recently read “The Immortals of Meluha”. Kept me entertained adequately on a long road trip. It’s written by a 35 Yr old IIM-C MBA marketing executive from an MNC in the process of trying express his true passion. More than the book itself, that author’s scenario fascinated me – being one such 35 YrContinue reading “Immortals of Meluha – A Review”

Death march is good news

Telecom / mobile service providers in India have now started on the proverbial death march … that will leave half of them in ruin. It’s obvious that with every new player entering the market lowering the tariffs to unsustainable levels … it may only result in lowering of service quality across the board … badContinue reading “Death march is good news”