5 good reasons why CWG were messed up intentionally

May be Mr.  Suresh Kalmadi and his team are smarter than they look. Remember Pointy Haired Boss and Evil Dogbert?

Here may be 5 good reasons why they intentionally messed up CWG preparations.

#5. To embarrass the Queen and the British …

To tell them that even this last colonial relic of the British empire will defiled. No wonder Scotland was the first to confirm attendance … I understand this is one of the few international events where they compete with British under the Scottish flag …

#4. To set very low expectations before the games and then exceed them …

It’s the oldest trick in the book … set very low expectations and bring every one to a psychological state that anything decent after that (at least the flush works and we give every athlete their own mop to clean the rooms !!) looks like a brilliant turn around. Even NDTV started talking of a “turn around” today in their “balanced and mature” news coverage.

#3. Make sure none of the top athletes confirm attendance … and India wins all the Golds …

Easy one to see why …

#2. Anyways “Indians” will have to live in these after those 15 days …

The masses can’t be given world class infrastructure to live in with hygiene standards that are “not Indian” . They won’t feel at home living in Australia or Singapore. So they had to take a real long term view of this infrastructure and build it to “our hygiene standards”.

#1. Setup the foundation for Shri Rahul Gandhi’s entry  …

When Shri. Shivraj Patil made way for Shri. Chidambaram … every one got ecstatic about the obvious fact that the country must now be more secure because the later doesn’t seem to change his clothing with every security incident. (May be he does but all white looks the same every day … even NDTV’s Roy and Dutt are enamored with Shri Chidambaram … so we must be better off). So if Dr. Manmohan Singh is proved as a bad leader … Rahul Gandhi must be a great leader.

Can you think of more good reasons why there is a plan behind this mess …

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3 thoughts on “5 good reasons why CWG were messed up intentionally

  1. #6. To bring more FDI in Indian Infrastructure Segment:

    The CWG mess is a bait for Foreign Infrastructure companies to come to India. And the greedy politicians are rubbing their hands in glee to make more money by way of bribes, kick backs…

    #7. Lay trap to Al-Qaeda and Laskars

    By creating a mess of the CWG games, the IB, RAW and Home Ministry wants to create an impression that the participants are sitting ducks to the Laskars and Al Qaedas…Clearly is this a plan to lay a booby trap for them?! LoL.

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