Caught my ear – March 2021

Desire to avoid more screen time during Covid WFH has shifted most of my reading / learning to podcasts. These are a few conversations and podcasts that caught my ear in the last few months. Will simply list these and associated information I looked up – without my interpretation or meaning making. In July 2020Continue reading “Caught my ear – March 2021”

In spite of 'socially distancing' …

I left New York abruptly last week, to get back home, in fear of being quarantined or stuck there. Among many plans that got disrupted, the least important one was my desire to visit the Met. It seems absurd even to me that I would think about that this morning. Among many things I tookContinue reading “In spite of 'socially distancing' …”

Books that changed me in 2019

2019 being a transition year for me is an understatement. The poem by Julia seems to convey how I felt most of the year. Fashioned for some encounter, Impelling but obscure; Apprenticed to the future, We wonder and endure. We suffer strange compulsion. Our talents many skilled, Would burn upon an alter; We have notContinue reading “Books that changed me in 2019”