Death march is good news

Telecom / mobile service providers in India have now started on the proverbial death march … that will leave half of them in ruin. It’s obvious that with every new player entering the market lowering the tariffs to unsustainable levels … it may only result in lowering of service quality across the board … badContinue reading “Death march is good news”

Features NOT-EQUAL-TO Product

A cool feature or a collection of features that existing players don’t have aren’t enough to declare yourself a product and feel that is defensible. Most start ups that just have an interesting play on an existing products / services, fall into a trap thinking that alone can help them displace existing players and incumbentContinue reading “Features NOT-EQUAL-TO Product”

It took 9 months to deliver the baby …

I was recently talking to a highly driven entrepreneur, who talked impressively about how time-to-market was critical and scaling needed to happen yesterday. He seemed to focus all his energies on getting right there to top quickly and getting a lot of funding to support his expansion plans. I only appreciate and admire his zeal.Continue reading “It took 9 months to deliver the baby …”

Propelled like the "Midnight’s Children"…

I grew up in a middle class family with no experience in running a business. I guess my MBA didn’t help either. An MBA at an IIM is prestigious, but I think it was preparing me for a career in an MNC … like the civil services creates bureaucrats for the public sector, the “BSchools”Continue reading “Propelled like the "Midnight’s Children"…”