Propelled like the "Midnight’s Children"…

I grew up in a middle class family with no experience in running a business. I guess my MBA didn’t help either.

An MBA at an IIM is prestigious, but I think it was preparing me for a career in an MNC … like the civil services creates bureaucrats for the public sector, the “BSchools” in India create managers for the private sector.

So unprepared, unqualified and inexperienced … I decided to start a new company with 4 years of irrelevant experience … with 5 friends equally inexperienced … a company called iSeva. (Now part of e4e …,

I look back at it 6 years since … often wonder HOW did it happen so quickly … I think the environment infected me and tipped me over … and we are just riding this storm called India.

It’s not me … it is Dr. Manmohan Singh for setting India on a path of privatization and liberalization … GE for creating the largest and now famous remote services center … companies like Infosys, Birla Group and Reliance that built world class business out of India … Tatas for launching indigenous Indica (having worked for TELCO in 95/96 … I am more impressed by the turn around as an insider :)) … infected their belief into me … and turned me into an entrepreuner.

Like Saleem Sinai and other “Midnight’s Children” who grew with an Independent India … in ways they couldn’t control … many like me are being propelled by this journey of liberal India into an economic and social super power … in ways we don’t really control !! Or … are we creating this future … like Saleem did.

Views expressed are solely personal opinions of the author; and do not represent the views organizations/institutions he is associated in any form. The author has no responsibility for actions taken based on ideas expressed here. (Author: Sridhar Turaga)

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