Of Eggs, Chickens and waiting to hatch or lay them

Digital Media Outlook 2009, a report on digital media industry based on a survey of top advertisers in India has the following findings: Traditional media spend has dropped by 10% while digital media spend increased by 44% (base is smaller, but still !) Big advertisers including consumer goods companies are still skeptical about usefulness ofContinue reading “Of Eggs, Chickens and waiting to hatch or lay them”

Last man standing ….

I was driving back home a little late last week. It was 10:45 in the night … and all stores on 24th Main, where we live, were closed. Well, not all !! Balaji Medical stores our local store here was open. Actually they are the first to open and last to close in our area.Continue reading “Last man standing ….”

My predictions for 2009 …

Every TV channel now has people predicting the future, so I can’t resist doing that myself ! Here are 5 things that I predict will happen in 2009. #1. America will shut itself from inside – President Obama will re-institute an inward looking and closed to world politics American foreign policy … like it wasContinue reading “My predictions for 2009 …”

Thanks, for rejecting me …

After crossing due hurdles, I joined Little Flower College in Hyderabad for my 11th/12th. The principal Brother John was an old mentor from my school days. Religiously met him on the first day. Brother John asked me what my goal in life was. I replied “I hope to join an IIT“. Like his characteristic cane,Continue reading “Thanks, for rejecting me …”