Let’s change the traffic signals in Bangalore

I guess we now have a recession of sorts. Can’t deny it any longer. Can’t claim we are immune to the global markets once more. I still don’t understand how everything seemed so perfect 6 months ago that every one said India has been re-rated permanently and now we seem so stuck. But I neverContinue reading “Let’s change the traffic signals in Bangalore”

Another ceiling shattered

Amartya Sen taught in economics that just having equal opportunity is not enough, but we need to have social intervention to improve capabilities of masses before they can tap opportunities at hand. For example: My maid’s children have equal opportunity as my children to make it into an IIT – but the schools they goContinue reading “Another ceiling shattered”

Driving thru a graveyard …

Driving on St. John’s road in Koramangala feels like driving thru a graveyard. All the trees uprooted and cut on the right is depressing to watch. Same is the case on the road to Windsor manor, by the golf course. Just like the hobbits knew they are in Mordor, seeing all the dead trees –Continue reading “Driving thru a graveyard …”

Takes a country to keep my mail on hold …

In the process of relocating back to India, I came back to my apartment in Santa Clara for a few weeks to close out everything here. I have been away for over 6 months now … and had put my mail on hold from India by going to the USPS web site. Mail hold worksContinue reading “Takes a country to keep my mail on hold …”