Driving thru a graveyard …

Driving on St. John’s road in Koramangala feels like driving thru a graveyard. All the trees uprooted and cut on the right is depressing to watch. Same is the case on the road to Windsor manor, by the golf course. Just like the hobbits knew they are in Mordor, seeing all the dead trees – it is shocking and sends shivers down my spine imagining where this is going.

I guess this is progressive destruction of Bangalore at work. I understand the need to expand roads. But, those two I mentioned above are mindless expansion drives. For one, the service road on the right could have been laid first to make a start – without cutting all the trees. The narrow strip that holds the trees at best gives way to a bike lane.!! If there was so much urgency to ease our traffic woes, why couldn’t the service roads have been expanded first, to see if it does the trick? The expansion on the way to Windsor manor is absolute joke as well. It killed at least 20 trees and barely added a bike lane.

Those expanded roads will get filled up in no time. Our traffic woes will continue anyways – as the problem is one of lack of public transport and cheap cars.

Why are we stuck holding the wrong end of this stick in Bangalore?

Why is this once beautiful city cursed with mindless growth?

What are these tree worth to us?

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One thought on “Driving thru a graveyard …

  1. I agree with you Sridhar. As one grows, we tend to forget the roots. If we cut down a tree for expansion of roads or for any other reason (that we call growth), then we should make sure that we balance this by sowing a new tree. Mind you, our life is between 2 simple motions. Breathe In, Breathe Out. More the trees, more good/fresh air resulting in good health.

    This could be what we would leave to our next generation.


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