Another ceiling shattered

Amartya Sen taught in economics that just having equal opportunity is not enough, but we need to have social intervention to improve capabilities of masses before they can tap opportunities at hand.

For example: My maid’s children have equal opportunity as my children to make it into an IIT – but the schools they go to will never given them the capability to use that opportunity. )

Abhinav’s GOLD medal proves the same point. Good coaching and guidance can create world class athletes from India. (The fact that he could afford better coaching than most, doesn’t take away anything from his stupendous achievement). I have seen this before.

All the brilliant engineers, scientists and doctors from India that settled abroad have outperformed their counter parts in India for decades. It’s the environment in W countries that helped bring out the best in them.

(Alas, I know of a lot of people abroad who believe they are more special that the ones who stayed back !!)

I hope our government reforms our corrupt sports associations, so our players win because of those and NOT in spite of those. It can be done. Look at the Election Commission or the Supreme Court – they rose above the norm, to change the course of this country.

Today I feel blessed to be born at this time in India.

(I can’t tell how people felt when ruled by Ashoka or Akbar or enjoyed the celebrations of 1947)

Seeing the potential of India being unleashed and the glass ceilings on our heads being shattered one by one is so exciting.

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