Don’t make any ‘new’ year resolutions

Most people like me find it hard to resist making resolutions going into a new year, either while vacationing at end of the year (–me) or waking up after partying all night on the morning of 1st (–not me). There is a lot of science around why most don’t sustain their resolutions. Others have suggested making micro-resolutions to make them stick.

Let me propose an alternative to making resolutions. This activity will take 60 minutes at least, so set yourself up accordingly.

I suggest u make a list. A special list.

It’s called ‘winds in your life‘.

First listen to this talk.

Now take a blank piece of paper. Write HEAD WINDS IN MY LIFE on one side and TAIL WINDS IN MY LIFE on the other.

Start by writing 3 head winds in your life, then switch to the other side and write about 3 tail winds. Keep switching till you get in at least 6 on both sides.

Image result for wind direction indicator hen

Now write 3 more tail winds. When you write these, think about other people in your life who are fanning these winds … your family, friends, partners, leaders, teachers, Guru etc.

Now write 3 more tail winds. This time think about the immediate environment you live in … weather, place, things u do, neighbors, hang out joints etc.

Now write 3 more tail winds. This time think about the environment you work in … industry, college, business model, culture, colleagues, learning etc.

Now write 3 more tail winds. This time write about the global environment you are a part of … country, system, religion, culture, economy, technologies, govt etc.

Let me know how you felt at the end of writing this list.

Now carry this list in your wallet / purse for the next 2-3 weeks and add/modify/delete at least 2-3 times.

Share what you feel at the end of 3 weeks.

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A dad. A partner. A son. A problem solver. A learner. A teacher.

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