Immortals of Meluha – A Review

I recently read “The Immortals of Meluha”. Kept me entertained adequately on a long road trip. It’s written by a 35 Yr old IIM-C MBA marketing executive from an MNC in the process of trying express his true passion. More than the book itself, that author’s scenario fascinated me – being one such 35 YrContinue reading “Immortals of Meluha – A Review”

Deny all and lie low

It was Yahoo, then facebook and now Google Buzz … every one wants to be twitter+facebook+mail+everything … they want to grab all our contacts and content … and force us to share with default settings, complex privacy controls, hard to follow “follows” etc. The way Google Buzz automatically added friends and enabled public access toContinue reading “Deny all and lie low”

Customer first … bots and ads next

An intriguing thing about a lot of sites is they design them with Google Bot crawling and ads to click in mind first and then fit the content around those !! I’d think it’s more important to design a site for your customers first and then make it bot & ad friendly. If usability isContinue reading “Customer first … bots and ads next”

Two minute proof of human evolution

I am sure you have encountered the “creationist” argument in different ways in every culture / religion. (I believe in GOD, but that’s another point). The arguments vary in their subtlety … but mostly rise from the argument “How can such a complex creation occur by chance”.  Read The Blind Watch Maker for one ofContinue reading “Two minute proof of human evolution”