Great speech … so what?

Great speech by US President Obama receiving the nobel prize. Something like … “I believe in peace, but need to wage war when it is just” “I closed Guantanamo to uphold values” “Reducing n-arms is center piece of my foreign policy” “US will lead the way for climate change”


Except for the part when he said “compared to some of the giants of history who have received this prize,” his accomplishments “are slight” and suggested that he had been chosen not so much for what he had done but for what he is expected to do. … rest was an attempt to fit into shoes he hasn’t grown up yet to wear.

Also, as usual it’s a speech that makes those who oppose as well as those who support him nod in agreement … hey I said that !!

“Talk is cheap” as the Americans say. So why doesn’t he just do it …

What do you think? Does Obama deserve the Nobel prize? Vote here

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