Nice guys (gals) don’t finish last

Jade Goody is out of Big Brother.

Personally, I care less for reality shows and even lesser for Shilpa Shetty. However, I couldn’t help wonder this morning if Indians have standing up to the world better than ever before.

The unadultrated outrage within 24 hours of the Shipa Shetty Big Brother brawl … followed by dipolmatic pressure … thousands of letters to everyone around including BBC … NYTimes frontpage coverage … was rare given our history of “balanced” response to confrontation.

I personally don’t advocate a public style of open confrontation without adequate justification … but, I think for a country that remained bottled up for so long and long overdue for more self-respect deserves a break for a few outbreaks … Sourav Ganguly’s bare chested thumping, Shilpa Shetty clawing back and Shreeshanth kathakali on the pitch all part of the same trend of Indians asserting their self pride.

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