Nice guys (gals) don’t finish last

Jade Goody is out of Big Brother.

Personally, I care less for reality shows and even lesser for Shilpa Shetty. However, I couldn’t help wonder this morning if Indians have standing up to the world better than ever before.

The unadultrated outrage within 24 hours of the Shipa Shetty Big Brother brawl … followed by dipolmatic pressure … thousands of letters to everyone around including BBC … NYTimes frontpage coverage … was rare given our history of “balanced” response to confrontation.

I personally don’t advocate a public style of open confrontation without adequate justification … but, I think for a country that remained bottled up for so long and long overdue for more self-respect deserves a break for a few outbreaks … Sourav Ganguly’s bare chested thumping, Shilpa Shetty clawing back and Shreeshanth kathakali on the pitch all part of the same trend of Indians asserting their self pride.


Views expressed are solely personal opinions of the author; and do not represent the views organizations/institutions he is associated in any form. The author has no responsibility for actions taken based on ideas expressed here. (Author: Sridhar Turaga)

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