Being Beta is no excuse …

I guess being Beta is no excuse. Hence I migrate from Blogspot to WordPress.

I have shifted from an over enthusiastic Beta user of Google’s new services … Sites, Partnerpages, Docs, Calendar, SMS Channels included … to now being the frustrated Guinea-Pig-In-Residence. They “got me at Hello” when all these services were available under a single sign-on.

But, how much can one compromiseĀ – when each of these services are in many ways just stuff being thrown at the wall and being left incomplete. Compare these to the constant improvement in Adwords, Adsense, Analytics and WebMaster Tools … it’s quite apparent that these services are step children in the Google world. None of these products display even glimses of the now legendary Google bold product vision and continuous innovation.

Now I am afraid to use Chrome and Android … which probably matters to Google more that Sites.

In all humility … my advice to Google is Being Beta is no excuse.

Published by SridharTuraga

A dad. A partner. A son. A problem solver. A learner. A teacher.

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