Takes a country to keep my mail on hold …

In the process of relocating back to India, I came back to my apartment in Santa Clara for a few weeks to close out everything here. I have been away for over 6 months now … and had put my mail on hold from India by going to the USPS web site. Mail hold worksContinue reading “Takes a country to keep my mail on hold …”

Nice guys (gals) don’t finish last

Jade Goody is out of Big Brother. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/6282327.stm Personally, I care less for reality shows and even lesser for Shilpa Shetty. However, I couldn’t help wonder this morning if Indians have standing up to the world better than ever before. The unadultrated outrage within 24 hours of the Shipa Shetty Big Brother brawl … followedContinue reading “Nice guys (gals) don’t finish last”

Throw Out Your Business Plan – Part I

If you are starting a new company or creating a new business within an existing company that is truly unique in the market place … my recommendation is to NOT have a business plan. Why: “Are you advocating we jump into a new business, throw things around and see what sticks. Smells like WebWan orContinue reading “Throw Out Your Business Plan – Part I”