Not listening to customers can be fun

Yes, all of us believe one must listen to customers. But there are times (may be in creating disruptive innovation) it’s hard to rely only on what customers say. May be you must listen to their problems but not rely on customers too much in finding the solution. I bet no one ever they saidContinue reading “Not listening to customers can be fun”

Deny all and lie low

It was Yahoo, then facebook and now Google Buzz … every one wants to be twitter+facebook+mail+everything … they want to grab all our contacts and content … and force us to share with default settings, complex privacy controls, hard to follow “follows” etc. The way Google Buzz automatically added friends and enabled public access toContinue reading “Deny all and lie low”

Great speech … so what?

Great speech by US President Obama receiving the nobel prize. Something like … “I believe in peace, but need to wage war when it is just” “I closed Guantanamo to uphold values” “Reducing n-arms is center piece of my foreign policy” “US will lead the way for climate change” YAWN. YAWN !! Except for theContinue reading “Great speech … so what?”